Thursday, February 22

Cambridge woes

Franz's Cambridge Jacket, (Anne Budd, Interweave Knits Summer 2006). An update.

I am very happy with the body, happy with the crochet edging on the steek. And no, I haven't acquired a zipper nor have I cut the steek. I am stuck contemplating the sleeves. I hate the sleeves. I am having a hell of a time seaming the sleeves so that it looks nice. Side seams and the sleeve caps look fine. But the sleeves pucker and get all bunchy under the armpit. Sigh. I've unseamed and reseamed several times. Erika suggested something I hadn't thought of myself. Cut the sleeves at the cap and reknit downwards to the cuff in the round. Hmm. My first reaction was horror, but it might be a good idea. I should also point out that the sleeves are a tad too long to please Franz. So... I'm mulling it over. Perhaps I will get up the nerve to cut. There ought to be a way to cut just one stitch and unravel methodically and sanely from there.

Someday when I have lots of time and lots of patience and lots of sun.

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Franz said...

"too long to please Franz" - goodness, I sound demanding. Actually, it was you guys who decided the sleeves are too long. I think the sweater is looking good all 'round.