Thursday, February 15

There is no R in Warshington

And there's only one R in Kitchener! I was taken aback at Madrona how many people called it "kerchner." Susan, I am ready for tomorrow's fool-proof lesson in grafting.

See how well the stripes line up? Quite a lovely pair of matching socks, I must say.


Kathleen said...

Beautiful, bright and cheery!

I have 1.5 inches and a toe to do on one sock. The other is ready for the kitchen, I mean, kirchner, I mean, kitchener lesson! ;)

And that will have to wait until tomorrow evening. But the hotel (I'm taken younger son snowboarding) has WiFi for my laptop! I'll be good to go!

Kathy said...

When little old laddies whisper to you in a tactful way that you have on two different socks, you can smile smugly and reply, "I know" and watch the expression on their faces.

Dorothy said...

A very well matched pair. I like.

Patti said...

But there ARE 2 Rs in "warshrag". :)