Sunday, February 11


sun power

A year ago yesterday the solar panels were installed. As of noon today we've produced 2432 Kilowatthours, about half our annual electricity usage.

Our last backyard egg of 2006 was from Lucy on the Winter Solstice. This morning I noticed that Orpington's crest was looking a little more perky and red. Could this be a sign that she was getting ready to lay again? Yes. Let's hope the other girls follow the leader.

Sitemeter told me someone found my blog googling on Orpington lavender eggs. Our Buff Orpington lays brown eggs.

I just finished my first triangular shawl. A shawlette; I knit fewer repeats than called for and it's blocking to about 48 inches across, 25 inches deep. The Spinner's Shawl by Evelyn Clark, in hand-spun, kettle dyed Corriedale I purchased at Madrona from one of the small local vendors. The pattern is a garter stitch shawl. As you can see, I made it stockinette. Will explain more once I get a post-blocking shot.

Someone else found my blog searching for house of flying daggers shawl pattern. What an interesting idea for a shawl. I can just see it now, an interlocking dagger motif with a feather edging. As far as I can tell (by googling on the same phrase with quotes around it) no such pattern exists. yet.


Dorothy said...

You are getting some interesting Google action. How do you find out what phrases they used to find you? I can't seem to find that feature on my Sitemeter.

Your shawl looks beautiful.

Dorothy said...

List the blog hits by 'referrals.' Many will say unknown, but some will say which link someone followed to get to your blog.

kmkat said...

I've always thought Buff Orpington was the coolest name. It's fun to say, and it's fun to visualize the named entity in various contexts. Buff Orpington, the preppy heir(ess) to the massive Orpington fortune. Buffy O., the porn star. B. Orpington, the quasi-preppy clothing chain. Buff Orpington, the senior senator from That Nameless State in New England. Buff Orpingtons -- they're not just for breakfast any more!

And so forth.

Ginger said...

We've been getting green eggs from our Americauna for about a week and a half now, I love the cackle of a laying hen. Spring is just around the corner.