Thursday, November 2

First you knit a square...

.... then you knit a more different square.

I drank the kool-aid and developed Log-Cabin mania last spring, but I made a tactical error and abandoned it for a while.

I first made a swatch to see how it was going to work in my yarn/needle size. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece on US 6 addis. I liked it.

Unfortunately I liked it too much. This was supposed to be just a swatch, but I got lazy and figured why not just keep going and make this the start of the blanket.

I don't mind the wonkiness, log-cabins are supposed to be wonky. But the proportions are all wrong for a full sized blanket. This is only about 11 inches square. Making new logs much wider would look weird. I decided that I liked my logs to all have the same width. I had tried to make these all the same width, but mistakes were made. I now know how to count properly, taking the bind-off correctly into consideration.

Even if I liked the proportions of the skinny logs, as it gets bigger, the ratio of how many stitches to pick up to how much knitting can be done is discouragingly large. So, the weather got warmer, I no longer felt an urge to knit a blanket and this languished along with an embarrassingly large number of Cotton Fleece skeins (purchased all at once to make sure dye lots matched).

Forgive the increasingly bad color-balancing, but revel in the new log cabin. These square are more portable, more regular, more better.

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Kathleen said...

More better, indeed! :) Practice, it makes it perfect... well, more better anyway!