Thursday, November 30


No pictures because I am at the library. Out of the house! no more ice! woot!

After two days of school closures, today is a late start day --- allowing time for all the ice to turn to slush before getting the kiddies to school. This plays havoc with Zach's school schedule. Instead of having his three classes back to back from 8:15 to 10:55, he has two classes in the AM, 10:00 to 10:55 and his third class meets 12:30 to 1:00. So I walked with him to school and am hanging out at the library nearby. He'll meet me here and we will go have lunch somewhere. I was thinking Subway but just discovered that Top Pot sells sandwiches.

the eyes have it.

Time for new glasses. Two years ago I got my first pair of progressives. Ouch, expensive without insurance, but there you go. Gotta see. I chose a stylish pair also, something bold and unusual that shook up the husband and child. Nowadays I see similar glasses all over the place. Well that's not a reason for new specs, but my inability to see close-up was. Plus we now have vision insurance, double woot. Sure enough, my prescription changed and newer, more styling frames ordered. Unsettling though, the doctor noticed a spot on my right retina. Looks like an inflammation. He spent a long time examining it with the strong lights and magnifiers, double checked my health report, and concluded that I had no known reason to have a spot on my retina. Two weeks of telephone tag between opthamologist and retinologist, I was told that the spot is very likely nothing, I don't need to see the retinologist right away. I did schedule a follow-up with the opthamologist in a couple weeks to see if there's any change.

a costly mistake.

but not mine! While waiting for the news about the retina, I got the call my new glasses were ready. yay. So I went in to pick them up, a little nervous about having buyer's remorse on the newer styling frames. After all, I couldn't see very well when I tried them on. Imagine my surprise then when they pulled out a pair almost identical to my old glasses. Uh oh, did I do that? Good golly, if I wanted the same frames, why not put new lenses in my current frames? Turned out I did not mistakenly choose those frames. Their bad. So sorry. Will make new pair. In the meantime I get to wear the new wrong ones. They'll get to return the frames for credit, but I suppose they'll have to eat the cost of making the lenses.

geeky homeschooling excitement.

I was thinking about one of my favorite TV shows from the '80s --- hadn't thought about it in years, but being in the library made me think about trying to find it. The library does have one copy on VHS of some (but not all) of the episodes, but the creators have the videos available free over the internet. Woot! Zach and I will now be watching The Mechanical Universe from the Annenberg Foundation. (no link because I can't figure out how to do that on this machine, but is easy to google.) And there's more. I'll probably check out their series on Economics, Statistics and other topics too. would be nicer if we could lounge in the family room and view on the TV, but free and convenient watching over the computer doesn't sound that bad.


Patti said...

Where are you getting your glasses? I've had a total nightmare with Market Optical at U Village - they're very nice people, but there have been about 7 mistakes and delays on my glasses, and when I finally got them, they were totally not right. I'm very frustrated!

Did you ever watch The Secret Life of Machines? I bet Zach would like it. :)

Anonymous said...

You said woot twice with not a single zero. You hereby fail miserably at life.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I don't remember it - but Joe has a VHS of a show. He said it is a very good visual explanation of electro magnetism and Maxwells Laws. He recorded it while we were at West Point and he used the video while teaching Cadets Physics. Now Jenna is excited to watch them on the internet with her dad. Great tip!

Oh, I just found a new Military Spouse initiative called SpouseBuzz - blog for folks like me. I read it until 2 am! I can get into this. Some of the authors had me cracking up I could so relate. Some really sad stuff, too - but mostly very relevant to my life.

Take care, T