Sunday, November 12

How not to entice me to Tacoma

Recently I got a couple nice finds, yarn purchases, from craigslist. I expect to blog about them eventually. So I search it for yarn every few days and there was a recent entry of someone selling off the stash of a former yarn store employee. Lots of things including cashmere, the ad declares. Only problem is it's in Tacoma which is a schlepp. I called the number anyway and the guy just called me back.

guy: There's lots of yarn. probably about 8 big boxes worth, all sorts of things.
me: how about brands, can you give me an idea what brands?
guy: I don't know the brands, I'm selling this for a friend. but there's wool, cotton, acrylic, and lots of fancy stuff with metallic threads and other sort of things.
me: How about the wool, can you tell me about that?
guy: I don't know much about it. There is a large variety though, including lots of specialty yarns. Like yarn that has threads hanging off it, so when you knit it the threads would hang out. And lots of colors. Vibrant colors. I think you could make some really great wall hangings out of this.

(seriously though, if Tacoma weren't such a drive? I'd probably check it out. You never know what kind of gems might be hidden in that lot.)

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Dorothy said...

Might be worth the shipping to get him to throw the entire box on a Greyhound bus. Shipping is actually not that much comparitively if you use buses and it's sometimes faster than the post.
I will now close my enabling mouth and move along. :)