Saturday, October 7


First some boring Saturday Sky. Truth is, I tried to figure out how to unlink myself to this ring without human intervention, but I failed. Guess I feel a little sheepish contacting Sandy. I'm afraid I feel a little blah about the sky photography. Like to look at other folks' skies though.

To reduce the blahs, here's list of Good Things.

  • It's Fall. I have always loved this time of year, eggnog, pumpkin pie and all that. But the shortening of the days --- not so exciting. But this year, the later dawn means that I have a few more minutes to sleep before the squawking outside makes me grab my sweats and run out to free the girls from the coop/run.
  • The car has a brand new clutch. We got 84K miles on the original clutch, good for hilly Seattle. A tribute to my driving ability! Well, partly. About half the miles are highway miles.
  • Although a new clutch is pricy, it got installed the very minute after Visa processed the monthly statement. We won't have to pay for it til the end of November. Very good since the October Visa bill includes camseals, timing belt and water pump.
  • Franz picked up his new bike today. He's bike commuted for years and put many miles on his previous bikes which have both been mountain-road hybrids. He finally got a true road bike and he's feeling the love.
  • I won a blog contest! Yay for random numbers. Birdsong is sending me some goodies.
  • Zach's now a First Class Scout and got 4 merit badges at the Court of Honor last week. Most of the merit badges are in the embarassingly easy category, like fingerprinting, he got the swimming merit badge. He's struggled with swimming forever and it took lots of courage and determination to fulfill the requirements for this badge.
  • Knitting is coming along. I've even unearthed a UFO I got discouraged with and have figured out what to do with it. More on that in another post. It is probably just because I am avoiding the second sleeve of Ribby Cardi, but we won't talk about that right now.
  • Remember how excited I was to find the tubular cast on? Well, I just discovered a companion cast-off! Won't post a link because the one I found is incomprehensible, but I am confident someone somewhere out there has a better tutorial.


Kathleen said...

I'm on the ring, but haven't posted a sky in a couple of weeks... dull, grey, rainy doesn't help colorize the blog world on a Saturday. I haven't tried to unring myself. I'll just let all the ringers think I'm lazy! :)

Love your chicken pictures!

Congrats to Zach - if you earn the swimming merit badge and it was tough, the rest deserve to be easy! My older son never could get the swimming one and, after four years, never got to First Class. He is okay in the water now, but still wouldn't be able to pass the tests of that badge - so Good Going, Zach!

Dorothy said...

Congratulations to Zach!

Love the chicken photos. I take it life with them is going well?

Lavendersheep said...

Handknit Holidays has pretty good instructions for tubular cast on and it has instructions for the bind-off as well. The sweater I am just starting has both of them so I am hoping that the bind off it just as easy to understand as the cast on. Good Luck with it!