Monday, October 23

contest winnings

I have been remiss in my knit blog etiquette, as I have not yet shown my blog contest winnings and thanked the blogger who had the contest. Sorry about the delay, Birdsong, thanks for the contest and the prizes.

Birdsong is a remarkable woman. She lives in the Sierra Nevada, raises burros, teaches a variety of students including residents of a prison, teaches children to knit starting with the making of their own needles, and has the wisdom that comes from having raised children to young adulthood. She held a contest in honor of her 375th post and her move to another blog platform. I had the luck of the random number generator to win some yarn, soap and a keychain.

This is merino sock-weight dyed by Birdsong using cochineal. I love the color, the muted lavender with the subtle variations of hand-dyed yarn. The yarn cries out to me to be double stranded with something like Kidsilk Haze and turned into a scarf for me. Mistake rib or brioche.

I only have a photo of the yarn, but don't think the other gifts were not appreciated. The soap, handmade from Blessed Juno in Salt Lake City is wonderful. Many folks like lavender and Lemongrass, which this soap has, but the third scent is also one of my favorites, Clary Sage. How did she know? The keychain is an adorable miniature crocheted sweater, from a company helping women in Vietnam earn a living through crafts.

I took the photo yesterday, fully intending to write and post the blog today. Perhaps that's why I dreamt about Birdsong this morning. I dreamt that I visited her and she was very nice, with long grey hair and triplet four year old kids! I am sure she would be nice and hospitable if I could get to the Sierra, but the rest! Grey hair may be inevitable eventually, but the triplets? Perhaps grandkids? They were adorable blonds and wore cute green plaid matching outfits. (I dream in color).

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Dorothy said...

Looks like a very nice prize and she sounds like an amazing woman.