Tuesday, October 24

Sweater Update

I've finished the back and am about halfway through the sleeves on the Cambridge Jacket, knitting sleeves flat at the same time.

I started the sleeves before the fronts as I wanted to make some decisions first. After consulting with Jessica at the Fiber Gallery, I plan to knit both fronts as a single piece and steek. Jessica suggests adding seven stitches for a steeked zipper opening and showed me her beautiful new steeked sweater.

Yes, this will make the project less portable. And adding seven stitches per row adds up to a lot of extra knitting. I just find I spend so much time being paranoid remeasuring, I figure doing both sides separately would result in too much time spent counting. The side length needs to measure the back, the armholes need to measure the back (and each other) the collar shaping and shoulder ribbing need to match each other.

I don't know what Zach will do since he is still working on the back of his sweater. He's above the armhole bindoff, so not much more to go. If he doesn't steek, he will change something in the pattern though. Ann Budd says to put a garter stitch selvedge up the fronts for a finished edge. I dunno. The bumps could recapitulate the zipper well or it could just look unpolished. We've been talking about that and I think his solution will be to create a slip stitch edge. I expect I will do the same for the collar, which will be added after the steek is cut but before the zipper sewn in.

Speaking of the garter stitch selvedges, I have done them as specified for the side seams but I am dubious. Is it really easier to seam garter edges together? Will it look polished or with the garter bumps make the seam feel lumpy on the inside?

In addition to the Cambridge Jacket, my Ribbi Cardi is coming along slowly. Body is done and one sleeve is approaching completion. Haven't started the second sleeve yet. All that ribbing was driving me nuts.

So... feeling bored with mindless ribbing and stockinette, I was itching for something a bit more challenging.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the kind words.
How are you feeling about the colors you picked? It think it looks great. It's amazing how vibrant the colors look against the green.

Connie said...

I'm knitting the Cambridge Jacket too! But steeking, no way, I'm not that brave. Pretty green swatch too. I love tartan-like designs.