Saturday, February 25

We have a winner!

Zach successfully learned to knit in the round, purl, repair dropped stitches, reorient stitches after a tinking event, knit (and purl) on DPNs, K2tog and P2tog and sew in the loose ends. He has a fully functioning Sailor's Watch Cap to prove it. A luxurious blend of Cashmere, microfiber and Merino, the navy blue cap is plenty warm and soft. Except for showering, skiing (we wear helmets) and sleeping, the medalist has not removed the hat.

The multi-purpose hat serves both to keep his head warm and disguise his face when dad wants a photo at the Crooked River Gorge Overlook.

The other gold medal contender in this house is running a little behind. These sleeves will not finish knitting themselves, so it is back to work I go. Photos of ski trip will have to wait.


Kathleen said...

Congratulations to the Gold Medalist!!! Wonderful hat - what an accomplishment!

The other Gold contender is making a beautiful piece. Love the colors!

This contender will be whipping the last bunches of booties while waiting in the 'lodge' (glorified cafeteria really) at Ski Liberty for son and friend to finish the final (at least MY final) snowboard trip of the season.

I need to restate my Olympic challenge. I was wondering how I came up with 23. I threw some hats in the mix when telling you my goal, but had really not intended to make hats this go 'round. What I really planned for 3 Wound Warmers and 10 pairs of booties to go with the 10 hats another crafter was making for Judy's hospital donation (hence 23 items). So, I'm closer to goal than I thought and may well make it!!!

Welcome back - will await ski pictures after the closing ceremonies!

Melinda said...

So? Did the sleeves get finished? The crowd is breathless with anticipation as they await the judges scores...