Monday, February 27

There are no Bodes in the Knitting Olympics

No, those of us who did not get the Gold according to the Yarn Harlot's rules shall not denigrate ourselves thus. Give yourselves Silver ala Sasha Cohen who stumbled and carried on gracefully. I will compare myself to Emily Hughes. While not cute or perky, I am new at this knitting thing and yet chose to compete with world class athletes. No medal, but fun was had --- and just wait til Vancouver.

My sleeves are off the needles and blocking as of Monday morning. When they are dry, I will attempt to sew them into the body. I plan to do this while husband and son are elsewhere, since there will be naughty words used.

The shoulders are sewn and the collar done (before the deadline even) but I am not sure I like it. Like the YH, I made an equipment mistake. The body of the sweater is knit on 5.5mm needles and the ribbing knit on 5mm. I thought I had grabbed a 5mm circular for the ribbed collar, but realised when almost done that it was really a 4.5mm. I am not sure I like the effect. Now that the pressure is off, I'll think about redoing it.
When I first heard about the KO I was on the fence about participating. Zach had been talking about making a hat, so he decided to make the hat a KO goal. Moreover, he dared me to sign up, declaring there was no way I could make a sweater in two weeks. Well, that was the motivation I needed.

The bet we agreed upon was that if I didn't finish, I had to knit him something. If I did finish, he would knit me something. A win-win either way, since we both seem to have caught the knitting bug. (I brought the materials for a Dulaan cloud hat on our ski trip, anticipating that Zach would finish his hat and immediately want something new to work on. I was right.) He has no suggestion of what I should knit for him, but I have something in mind that I think would make for a fun surprise. Of course it involves designing something myself and using techniques I don't know how to do yet, but that just makes it more appealing!

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Kathleen said...

It is very cool that Zach has caught the bug. And a hat for Duulan is a perfect thing for him to do! I can't wait to see your own design on a prize for him!! :)

Preferring wider necks on my sweaters - I'd probably undo it and make it with even bigger needles! :)