Saturday, February 18

Day three and still blogging.

First, some knitting. Our first finished objects. The multicolor scarf on the left is mine, knit in some wool/nylon blend. On the right is Zach's first scarf, knit in Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk. Note the pointy end of Zach's design --- a statement about rectangles and conformity.

The planter box ought to be full of crocuses, but there are only a few orange ones blooming with the pansies. The rest have been eaten by squirrels. What I want to know is: did the squirrels eat the purple ones first discriminately? Does purple taste better to them? Daffodils and tulips are starting to emerge. Seems that I finally got the chickenwire (which isn't visible in the photo) designed well enough to stop the daily attacks before all was lost to the wildlife.

I just discovered Cara Cara red navels. Not as red as blood oranges and not as easy to peel as regular navels, they are nonetheless delicious. This one isn't as red as some others I have eaten, but it was the last one in the house, so it's what I photographed.

Language rant:

In today's Post-Intelligencer Seattle section:

"Local residents who have become victims of international ATM thefts in the past several months could be linked to a major retail security breach, as well as a series of debit card fraud cases under federal investigation."

Technically, this is possibly accurate. But it's hard to parse. Sure looks, though, like the local residents committed the security breach. I thought the first paragraph of a newspaper article is supposed to be really, really easy to understand.

and also in today's P-I, gardener Anne Lovejoy opens her column with:

"After spending a year in our new home, the garden design is finally coming together."

'nuf said.


Kathleen said...

I wonder how well the garden design would have come together had it spent some time in their old home? :) Oh, and it does look as if the local resident victims were actually the perpetrators in the first quote... wonder what the real story is, hmmmm...

I do believe Sr. Alice could have, indeed WOULD have, taught those authors a thing or two had they had the honor of being a student in her class!

Dorothy said...

Sr Alice was indeed one of the scariest teachers I ever had. What a vocabulary builder she was!

The victims are linked in that they were all guilty of using their debit cards at OfficeMax, which suffered a security breach. Only you have to read the article several times to figure that out.

Kathleen said...

When I finally got an "A" in her class, her teacher's comment on my report card was "good for you!" (I think I frustrated her because I always did what I was supposed to do, but she always wanted me to reach my potential - I was capable of more, better, bigger so I should do more, better, bigger... I just wanted to get by! :))

Melinda said...

Aiiieee! Dangling modifiers!

Have you read _Eats, Shoots and Leaves_?