Friday, April 6

My week

  • Snaked the bathtub drain.
  • Contemplated getting hair cut short to avoid that chore again.
  • Mowed the lawn.
  • Almost fell for Google's April Fool prank.
  • Knitted on but did not finish
  • sea silk triangle shawl
  • green pullover sweater (EZ meets Pippa)
  • mini-clapotis in angoravalley Lacewing
  • sleeves for fibonacci sweater
  • Renewed car license tag on-line.
  • Found out I had waited to long to have it mailed to me before current tag expires.
  • Took bus downtown to pick up car tag. Spent $2.50 in bus fare because I refuse to pay $4.00 to have the tabs sent to a local agency.
  • Treated myself to latte and muffin downtown.
  • While downtown, went shopping and bought myself new underwear. It had probably been 10 years since I bought underwear. I can now get hit by a car without embarrassment.
  • Took car to shop for 90K check-up.
  • Vacuumed car. Helped put roof box on car.
  • Arranged temporary stop of newspaper, mail and milk for next week.
  • Arranged foster care for Tasty Chicken for the week.
  • Looking forward to a week of car-camping in SE Washington, emphasis on Washington State History and geology. History because it is a state educational requirement and we are homeschooling history. Geology because geology is fascinating and Washington's geology is visibly fascinating.
  • Logged into checking account at credit union about two dozen times looking for IRS refund.
  • Once the refund arrived, wrote checks for and mailed mortgage and property tax bill.
  • Finished a marathon Harry Potter reread of all six books.
  • Inspired The Nerd to reread them also. He's also finished.
  • Discussed same with The Nerd and hypothesized about Book Seven.
  • Tutored math at The Nerd's middle school
  • Found out that he got into his first choice high school, even though for the upcoming school year, it has the longest waiting list of any Seattle public school ever. Very relieved.
  • Found out what a close call it was. District uses a distance tiebreaker. This year, the boundary for enrolled vs wait-list was 1.81 miles from school. Mapquest puts us at 1.79 miles.
  • Updated alumnae email and snail mail addresses for upcoming 30 year high school reunion
  • Started searching airfare prices for Fall trip back East.
  • Discovered that waiting a week to purchase airfare for reunion increased the cost by 35%
  • Found out that by flying into Baltimore instead of Dulles, I could reduce airfare back to original estimate.
  • Purchased ticket. I'm confirmed to attend Reunion and my niece's wedding on East Coast in October. Just me. Not going to disrupt high school attendance in the first semester.
  • Started thinking about what shawl/stole/wrap I should knit for the events.
  • Took The Nerd to an open house of a youth kayak racing club.
  • Passed a Float Test at a local pool. I only needed a renewal if I want to take another sailing class which is a long shot. Really I did it so The Nerd would have company taking his float test, necessary to take a sprint kayaking class. Float test: wearing long sleeves, long pants, tread water for 9 minutes, then put on life jacket while treading water --- not as easy as it sounds but there's a trick that helps. Nice lifeguards share trick.
  • Signed The Nerd up for the beginner sprint kayak class and braved Spring Afternoon Greenlake traffic getting him there and back again.
  • Walked around Greenlake for the first time in years. Anyone free on Tues or Thurs at 4 PM and want to walk the lake with me? (starting April 17th)
  • Rest of today will be packing, organizing, grocery shopping for trip. We leave tomorrow morning. Fort Vancouver here we come.


Anonymous said...

whoa - i'd say that's a lot of accomplishments. Glad he got the HS of choice. I guess i should be looking into flights as well - geeze, didn't know it was already late for discounts! Have fun on trip! T

Kathleen said...

You've been a busy beaver! I looked up the Luna Moth shawl - very nice. It's a bit smaller than my large body would like, but it could be a keeper because I have more than twice as much yarn for the project, so I might be able to expand it. Will have to see.

Good for The Nerd for getting that first choice high school!

Have a great trip.

Kaitie Tee said...

That's a busy week.

What's the float test trick?

Dorothy said...

Well, in some ways it is a lot of accomplishments, but in other ways, not so many. (This was all in addition to the usual laundry, cooking and cleaning.) I just don't know how folks without a SAH or employed only part-time partner get all this sort of thing done.

The Float test trick? The trick (technique) has to do with putting on a life vest while in the water. As you are floating/treading water with less buoyancy than you would with a vest, it is hard to maneuver into the vest. The trick is to grasp the bottom of the vest from behind, pull it down and sit onto it, then the armholes are low and you can put your arms in as the vest is popping back up. It's useful thing to know and to practice when not panicked. Both times I have taken the city pool float test, the guard on duty explained the trick. However, I have heard that some guards think that teaching the trick is a little bit cheating.

kmkat said...

Excellent week! Congrats to the Nerd -- that's almost as cool as getting into the college of his choice, which for anyone keeping track, will be the next nail-biter. Good work, Nerd.

kris said...

Wow, busy week.

Have a great vacation. It sounds like a lot of fun.