Saturday, April 28

Farmer's Market

Nancy took me to the farmer's market today. Although it is about two miles from home, I embarrassingly admit that I only attend occasionally. Good finds today. I got some fresh ricotta from Sea Breeze Farm and from some wild foraging dude, some urtica dioica. Along with my very fresh Tasty eggs, I'll turn this into manicotti filling. Sounds yummy, eh? And full of vitamins.

Erika, if you want, I'll save you a piece.

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Erika said...

You bought nettles?! Listen, you want nettles, trust me, I can hook you up. They are EVERYWHERE out here. Just this morning I discovered a sizeable patch (about 10 plants, each about 2ft high) right below my deck.

If that patch runs out, there's the 10x30 foot crop that runs alongside the driveway.

Wait... people will buy nettles?! Ka-ching!!!!