Tuesday, October 6

Knitting question. Rant to follow shortly.

Howdy poor neglected blog! Is anyone reading? Between Facebook and Ravelry, almost all my social networking needs are met. But I am reluctant to give up on this totally. Especially when I have a rant that I want to publish and nowhere else seems apt. :)

IF anyone who knits happens to stop by, would you mind answering a question?

Do you knit sweaters or garments or anything from published designs where size might be an issue? Do you care if the design has schematics? Do you check the schematics?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Lorette said...

Yes, yes, yes, as well. I'd have to think twice about knitting a sweater from a pattern without schematics, though I have been known to draw them out myself to make sure the numbers make sense.