Sunday, May 24

Public Service Announcement

Attention Geoff Ralston, CEO of
One of your investors is not happy. Moreover, he is completely flummoxed why another investor (Bain?) is happy and willing to give more money to you.

So this VC guy is appalled at your business model. Says "Bill Nguyen is always on vacation and the CEO just looks confused."

And if this information isn't for public announcement. Well then, Rich, don't scream it into your iphone in public, ok?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why do people think that by shouting in public, that people won't be able to figure out what they are talking about. Especially someone in a high profile situation as a VC.

If people start talking money and either a company being stupid or a VC, then I think my ears would perk up too.

Nice going Rich...way to support those tied to your purse strings.