Tuesday, January 6

Jury Duty - live blog

12th floor of muni building is kinda nice, big view of grey mist over downtown Seattle. Rooftop terrace. Free coffee. Comfier chairs than past experiences with jury duty. Free wi-fi.

Not big, maybe 100-200 people here. I'm used to county or Chicago Jury duty, this seems like a tiny pool.

Seattle compensates at $10.00 a day and bus tickets. The first thing when we signed in was a chance to donate that to the childcare center.

TVs set up to show us a "Make a Difference: Jury Duty in Washington State" video. It's almost nine, I bet it starts soon.

-------10:00 AM

Video was little cheesy but actually pretty useful. I wish I had seen that 27 years ago before my first jury summons. Muni court deals with small cases, misdemeanors, duis, etc. Six jurors per case, cases are often one or two days. I may be done by Wed afternoon.

Eliot Bay Books gives 20% discount with juror badge.

----11:15 AM

No one has been called to any courtroom yet. Some people cannot or will not read. I.e. they did not read their summons which was very clear what the length of summons was. Are people stupid or lazy or both.

The outdoor terrace (on the 12th floor) is lovely, what a great view. But oh so windy.

Someone brought in a hardboiled egg to eat. OMG! I love HBE, but only at home, boy are they stinky.

---12:05 PM

They called the first pool for a case after lunch. I was not called, but I heard the name of someone I know! I really would not have recognized him in a crowd, the husband of a friend of a friend, but I have met him a couple times. I wonder if we would have been allowed to serve on the same jury? Since he got called and not me, we will probably never know.

------2:40 PM

bored with jury duty, bored with blogging it. Went to Eliot Bay at lunch break (sorry F, they didn't have the book you want) and got a sub to bring back. Had  nice chat with the FOF for a while before the bailiff came to take that pool away. He's  is younger than me and said he's had like 8(!) jury summons. One other group has been called, but their bailiff hasn't come for them yet.


Franz Amador said...

Were people surprised at the length of the summons?

Dorothy said...

Yes, the summons was very clear, T-W-Th. Several people were scrambling to say they had commitments those days,or made (loud) cell phone calls rearranging their plans.