Tuesday, December 9

Safe Craft?

Or can I knit with pencils?

From the Municipal Court of Seattle Office of the Jury Commissioner:

Waiting is an unavoidable part of jury service. [...]There is an extensive and current magazine collection but we do encourage you to bring reading materials, crafts and other projects to pass the time.

(further down)

Everyone entering the Seattle Justice Center, except law enforcement personnel, is required to pass through a security checkpoint. [...] You are also cautioned to leave at home items such as scissors, knitting needles or pointed objects over 2" long which are routinely prohibited from the building.


kmkat said...

Ask them if you can do your jury duty in Polk County, WI instead. No ban on knitting needles here.

Kathleen said...

I was making a hat on fat wooden DPNs. They passed through the screening process just fine. But, when I began knitting while waiting in the hallway, a nice old gentleman of the court asked me how I got them in here and didn't I know I couldn't do that there! Umm... He made me take my project bag down to the security screeners to hold. Sheesh.

Erika said...

Well the answer's obvious from the statement. You need to find some knitting needles which are less than 2" long.

hschinske said...

Take five paperclips with you. Straighten them upon arrival. Knit bootees and/or scrunchie covers.

Failing that, use straight pins and thread, and half-knit little projects to be left casually on tables in dollhouses, or propped against dolls.

cousin jane said...

BAER!!! (i.e., big ass eye roll!!!)

auntiemichal said...

Pencils work OK; I put clear polish on the pointed ends so I wouldn't get marks on the yarn. You could make a set of pencil DPNs and knit hats or slippers with chunky or bulky yarn. If you're challenged, you could give up your pencils without much separation anxiety.