Thursday, September 6

short post with pictures

Erika has listed some of my hand-dyed yarn in her etsy store. Go take a peek.

Here's some of my hand-dye that I kept:


One sock, BFL DK weight, shows the length of the color repeat using my jumbo niddy noddy. I love this sock and have been wearing it while I knit the second one. It's thicker than fingering, I knit this on US4s with 48 stitches.


Monkey Sock number one is also done. (Number two is almost at the toe.) This was some of my very first hand-dyed yarn. Cookie's Monkey sock pattern in comes in only one size. I was worried that it would be too small for me, but it isn't. Close though. Knit-Picks Bare sock yarn, knit on US2s.

Look what Franz built. this has already been used, then dismantled to reuse the parts for winder version 2.


Treesh said...

Nice skein winder. Amazing what you can do with toys:)

NH Knitting Mama said...

I've seen various skein winders/swifts on the net made of k'nex, tinker-toys and wood. Very creative!