Tuesday, September 18

Contest Winners

Thank you all for participating, a variety of sock yarn experiences for sure.

The winners, provided by my son's new-for-high-school graphing calculator's random number generator are the first Elaine (Elaine, are you the Elaine I know who used to keep a blog? Let me know) who will get the set of mini-skeins and QueenMeadow, a homeschooling, running, knitting blogger in Utah who will get the hard to photograph but lovely red skein.

Thanks all for the thoughtful comments. Funny how different people have different experiences. For me, the best socks have been my Koigu ones. I've machine washed and dried them repeatedly. They did fade a bit but have held up well. I don't have any holes in any hand-knit sock yet, but really I got my sock-knitting groove started last spring and I don't wear socks much in the summer. This winter will be the test.

I did get ideas though. Treesh's comment about long staple wools made me think of some fingering corriedale I purchased for lace. But the lace I made with the first skein doesn't stay blocked, it's too springy. Perhaps the second skein wants to be socks? Won't be superwash, but might make some comfy stretchy socks.


Michelle said...

Congratulations Elaine! I'm so jealous!

Elaine said...

Oh bummer. I'm Elaine, but I fear the wrong one - so close and yet so far ... I'm with Michelle and feeling very jealous (and for a moment when I saw the name I was elated)

Congrats to the winners and also to you on your gorgeous yarn.

QueenMeadow said...

Wow! I'm so excited and surprised :).

Thanks so much!!! yippee.

and congrats to Elaine!

Dorothy said...


You need to send me email with your address so I can send your yarn :)

QueenMeadow said...

Dorothy, I tried sending one this morning but I'll try again, I probably got the email addy wrong, hehe.