Wednesday, August 29

Virtual Vacation Swap

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I got a virtual vacation to New Hampshire, courtesy of Amanda aka nhknittingmama. Although I got married in NH, I haven't spent much time there, so it was fun to get the tour.

Amanda sent maps and brochures along with some candles with scents evocative of New England, a note pad with a beach theme and a note pad with a rooster. I don't know if that's a New England thing or because she knows I have a chicken. Either way, I can never have too many note pads. There are some postcards, soap and even some genuine beach sand. I like to place candles in shallow trays anchored in sand, so that will have a good use as well. And a cotton bag Amanda knit using her own pattern, which was included in the bag along with some gum and candy. The yarn is a beautiful dark green, a color I love, hand-dyed by Amanda. She says it is her first foray into acid dyes. Wow. Given the quality of this color, I am sure she will enjoy more dyeing.


NH Knitting Mama said...

I hope you enjoyed "re-visiting" NH. I can't believe you were married here!

You're right, the rooster pad was because I know you have one, so I put it in there for good measure.

Treesh said...

I have never heard of virtual vacation swaps before. That does sound like fun. One of my favorite grade school projects was planning a vacation, complete with itinerary, budget, maps, etc.

Carol said...

I told her she should dye yarn more often (so we can buy it) ;) Nice vacation you got there!

Joan said...

Woo-hoo! What fun. Gotta love New England and New Englanders! Enjoy your great stuff. And come visit for real. ;-)

michelle said...


I got my swap package today! It's sooo cool, and I'll blog on and on about it tomorrow after I see my mom off to CO... :-) I love the yarn, and we LOVE tuna.. I can't wait to try it!