Monday, August 6

Leda's Dream

Summer is in full swing, but Fall seems to be in the air here in Seattle. All it took was one chilly morning to get my neighbors, friends and random strangers at the grocery store all talking about --- and looking forward to --- Fall. And rain. And grey skies. Seattleites tend toward two camps: those that complain that only a dozen days with temperatures above 80 degrees F (26 degrees C) does not a Summer make and those who complain that four days of temperatures above 90 degrees (32 C) are just too damn many and when it is going to get rainy and cold again.

Me. Well, I'm in the latter camp. Sure, I am happy we've had enough warm weather that my tomatos are going gangbusters, that we've had so little rain I haven't had to mow the lawn for a few weeks, but shortening days and the need to put on a sweater occasionally are not things to mourn. I know we still have many weeks of good weather, more berries to ripen, more time to play and hike and camp.

A little crispness will give me a reason to wear something soft and cozy, Leda's Dream Stole, design by Melanie Gibbons. This was Mystery Stole number One. I wasn't even a knitter when she created this knitalong, but she sells the pattern for two bucks. Very clear instructions, very clear charts, well worth the investment.

Now what I really need to invest in is blocking wires. I blocked this by pinning it out and it looks much better than before, but still doesn't look finished. I'll get some wires and redo the blocking.

yarn is one strand of Zephyr and one strand of Madil Kid Seta knit together. Both are dark grey, the slight variation in the color along with the silk content of each yarn make for a rich depth of color I have found impossible to photograph.
US 6 addi lace needles.

  • slipped the first stitch of every row.
  • used a centered double decrease (slip 2tog, k1, pass slipped stitches over) instead of the slip 1, k2tog, psso in the pattern, except, I used the angled decrease for the wave edging.
  • cast on 12 fewer stitches that the pattern called for, and knit fewer repeats (26 of the Wing of the Swan pattern)
Blocked dimensions: 24x70 inches.


Kathleen said...

Leda's Dream is beautiful. Is it coming to Maryland in October?? That way I can see the rich depth of color that photography never seems to capture! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW, Leda's Dream came out beautiful!

KVVS pal

Anonymous said...

Stunning! I look forward to taking a lace knitting class someday. I don't want to venture alone into that unknown territory. But i know that the scarves brought me great pleasure. After i make a few more, 'i;ll be ready to bite off the next piece of this xperience.
I just want it ot be an easy one to chew. Did I say stunning? T

Treesh said...

Leda's Dream is wonderful. I wish I had the patience for lace.

And, Seattle in the fall and winter ... how I remember those days. I never thought the rain bothered me, but I do remember my unbridled elation the first day, usually in April, that the sun would shine out after months of grey. When I was into jogging, on that day I would be able to run twice as long as usual.

Midwest summers are way too hot and humid, but I do like the snowy and sometimes very cold winters.