Thursday, June 14

Gardening requires optimism

Will we get enough sun for tomatoes? Will these tiny starts grow and produce by August? Will I water them enough to keep them healthy but not too much nor too sporadically so that the fruit cracks? Will this year's staking job work to hold them up or will it just break their stems? Will I be able to keep them weeded?

Will the crows leave the basil alone? Will I keep the container watered and the flowers pinched? Will we have enough for pesto?

Will my raspberries survive their recent move? Will they flourish in their new spot? Will they get enough water? Will I get a pie?

Tasty has shown a surprising appetite for strawberry leaves! Will the cover keep her off the leaves and the squirrels off the fruit?

Will Dumbledore compliment my agapanthus?


kmkat said...

Dumbledore here. That's the finest agapanthus I've ever seen outside a museum. Outstanding work.

Jane's Designs said...

Isn't that the truth. I just keep plugging along and keep my fingers crossed. So far the tomatoes look wonderful. But we will see.