Thursday, June 14

Estonian Garden

My Estonian Garden Wrap (pattern by Evelyn Clark for Fibertrends) is done and I am most happy with it. The Alpaca blocked nicely to show the lace pattern and became very soft. It doesn't hold its blocking the way wool does, but for this stole, that hasn't been a problem.

Three and a half skeins of Frog Tree Alpaca Fingering weight, knit on Addi Lace US 5s.

There is one fault of this FO. Against all the warnings in every knitting resource, I used two different dye lots of the yarn. I had originally considered that I might dye the wrap after knitting, so I didn't care. But now I think I like the white and don't want to dye it. The color changes are almost unnoticeable. In fact, no one but me has noticed the different hues and I only noticed when I held it up in direct sunlight --- and the difference in colors was striking. Therefore, it is judged too flawed to give away, but not too flawed to keep. I just won't wear it on a bright sunny day!


Jessica said...

It's beautiful!

Kris said...

How beautiful.

kmkat said...

Lovely. And the irises (irii?) look very pleased to be wearing it.