Sunday, April 23

Random adventures with yarn

Last month I joined my first knit-along, since it coincided with my desire to make this scarf anyway. Mountain Stream, designed by Susan Lawrence. I am slightly more than halfway done. The picture does not do the pattern or the yarn justice, but it does show some progress.

I had hoped to work on the lace knitting while the menfolk were off on a boy scout weekend, but I spent the last couple days fighting headaches, so needed something less challenging. Last night I rewatched the first three episodes of Lost and worked on the log cabin.

One would think that I could get more than 7 inches square of garter stitch done in an evening, but the picking up and knitting takes time. And although you can't see the back, most of the ends are already sewn in. Plus, Lost is still exciting the second time around. I purchased 35 ounces of yarn. The above square weighs approximately one ounce. Therefore I can make a throw about 3 ft by 4 ft. Or I can buy more yarn for a good sized blanket. Haven't decided what the final design will be, but that's part of the whole knitting a quilt thing, I don't have to plan ahead too far. Just relax and knit.

Another lacy project I have been working on is Cozy, a shawl, lap blanket sort of thing. She's a quarter the way done. The yarn is Elizabeth Lavold's Silky Wool and I really like the feel and drape of it. I made some swatches in different stitch patterns and decided it would make a great sweater, which is why I purchased some in a dark blue at the yarn sale.

Just to reinforce that there will be sock knitting in the future for The Nerd and me, I joined a hand-dyed sock yarn swap. After reading Dave's color adventures, I was dyeing to try it myself.


Kathleen said...

Your projects look great. And the Dye-O-Rama looks like a lot of fun.

Fighting my own sinus issues this weekend, I sympathize with your lack of progress due to headaches! Though I can tell you that I have knit a few rows of the green scarf you sent. Some how or other I picked up an extra stitch and now have 18, since it looks like I did that on row one, I think I'll just be sticking with 18 stitches! :)

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Wow, you've been working on so many projects, and they all look amazing! I especially love Cozy, it's such a great pattern, and the Silky Wool you're using for it must be heaven to work with! Have fun knitting, and I hope your headache is all gone by now!

Melinda said...

Kathleen - Wow, you're forging ahead. (Also, I missed commenting on the last entry, but yay for getting the Learning Curve sweater done.)

I really thought about dye-o-rama, but decided that I'm overcommitted as it is. I'll just have to be jealous. Incidentally, I have a full set of dyeing supplies (stock solutions, pot to steam in, etc.) so if you need to borrow anything, let me know.

Melinda said...

Dorothy - Sorry I addressed you as Kathleen in the last comment. I was looking at her name on the previous comment, and apparently my brain misfired. Duh.