Saturday, April 15

Doing the math?

I am knitting my first sock on Koigu painter's palette premium merino. 50g = 175 yds

Knitting on the Road has two patterns using Koigu.
New England Socks use Koigu merino 50g = 175 yd
Travelers Stockings use Koigu premium merino 50g = 176 yd <-- note the extra yard The following gauges are based on circular stockinette:

New England Travelers My first sock
needle size 2mm 2mm 2.25mm
stitches per 2 inches 18 st 18 st 18 st
rounds per 2 inches 24 28 27

Why the difference in row gauge from the two patterns in the book? I checked for errata. There are a few small corrections to the New England socks, but nothing about the gauge being wrong. No corrections posted on the Travelers Stocking.

Are Koigu Merino and Koigu Premium Merino different yarns? If I wanted to knit either of these patterns, should I stick to my 2.25mms?


Kathleen said...

I dunno! :) Perhaps the "premium" makes it a finer yarn and therefore more stitches per inch? But, that's just a guess... because, really, I dunno! ;)

Erika said...

Something is definitely wrong, there! Assuming we are knitting with stockinette, on 2mm circular needles, how could the row height change while the stitches per inch remain the same?

If I had to guess, based on your own swatching, I would guess that the Travelers number is correct, and the error lies with New England. But that's just a shot in the dark!

You might want to sign up for the Knitting on the Road-Along Yahoo group, and search their archives/ask the group.

Typos/errata/bad proofreading is SOOOO frustrating! As someone who reads a lot of computer technical books, I'm often surprised at the apparent lack of quality control in knitting patterns. Hmph.