Sunday, March 1

new best friend for a knitting reader or a reading knitter

I'm happy, too.

Make sure you read the alt text as well.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hooted at that one, too.

Erika said...

Ha! That's one of the reasons I'm planning to get a Blackberry 8320. I found out you can get them without the highway robbery data plan, and just use it for phone/sms like a regular phone.

The 8320 is the cheapest model ($99 w/rebate @ATT) with wifi. So if I'm sent off on another miserable business trip, I can find a place with free wifi, park it, and get all my surfing/blogging/emailing done. Or if I end up drunk and broke in Europe, I guess.

The second reason is that my dad's phone isn't treating him right. So in the name of being a dutiful daughter, I can hand-me-down my RAZR. It's a sacrifice, but one I'm prepared to make.