Thursday, November 6

Random stuff

Hey Sarah, so, I guess we all know now what a little community organizing can do, eh?

You didn't blink yet you didn't know who was party to NAFTA or that Africa was a continent? What's the fuck with that?

(And what the fuck with the Supreme Court and the fleeting fuck? If they really cared about what kids get exposed to on TV, they would ban Viagra ads. I'd much prefer to turn a fleeting expletive into a teachable moment than to explain erectile dysfunction to a six year old watching the Super Bowl. )

Hey neighborhood! What's with the White and Pollet signs still up? Both claimed to be the environmental candidate, so do your part and take down the signs. Christine, I love you, but your signs need to go as well. My only exception is for my neighbors with the Obama/Biden yard signs. Please leave them up a little longer. Maybe even until January 20th. They still give me goosebumps.

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kmkat said...

The "Africa = continent?" thing boggles my mind.