Saturday, June 7

Cardigan math

I have 630 grams of BFL Aran to knit my brioche rib sweater. According to the pattern, it ought to take 750 grams of yarn. However, I am not using the recommended yarn or gauge. How close will I be, and if I won't make it, how much more yarn should I dye?

I have finished the back, which weighs exactly 180 grams.
Amsterdam Sweater Back

Calculating from the pattern, I can figure the relative proportions of the back, fronts and sleeves.

Back: 7281
Fronts: 9082
Sleeves: 13518

total = 29881

means that back is 24% of garment and I would need 750 grams

Now if I make sleeves more narrow, reduce cuffs, make collar more narrow, I get it down to

Back: 7281
Fronts: 7970
Sleeves: 10536

total = 25787

means that the back is 28% and I need 637 grams. Sigh, so close.

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Treesh said...

I know exactly how you feel. When I was making the gansey for Pete for the Knitting Olympics, by any patterns or calculations, I did NOT have enough yarn. I did things in stages thinking that I would have to make either the ribbed waistband - or the cuffs - or the yoke - or the neckband - or ... in a different yarn. But Pete likes his sweaters short which was the only thing that saved me - and you can see here the pitiful handful of yarn I had left. Good luck!