Tuesday, April 1

Still knitting

So, what do you think the odds are that in Tokyo I can find Cascade 220 in the same dyelot of the yarn I purchased two years ago at the Fiber Gallery in Seattle?

That's what I think, too.

I may have to shorten sleeve one to finish sleeve two, but I do not know for sure yet. Will try to keep you posted. But tomorrow we leave Tokyo for Takayama, a small town in the mountains and I doubt we will have internet access. And it will be cooler in Takayama. I plan to finish knitting on the train en route.

Lots of pictures to share, but they will all have to wait until we are home.


Kris said...

Oh no. I'm thinking good thoughts that you'll have all the yarn you need.

erika said...

Uh oh! Can you choose a contrasting color for the lower portion of the sleeves, and pretend it's on purpose?