Wednesday, March 26

Sukoshi kanko-ga shitai-desu.

We interrupt blog silence to say so long, we are off to Japan. We have passports, rail passes, hotel reservations, two cameras --- but no laptop or cables, so photos when we return --- and the list of things to do includes at least one yarn store.

I did finish the Victorian Lace Today Large Rectangle and it is large. I didn't block it to its extreme, but to the extreme of my blocking board at 32x82 inches. I could probably have gotten a couple more inches in both dimensions. I love it anyway. And as for running out of yarn, I had 300 grams and used 286 grams. The calculator on ravelry says that is 1359 yards. I am too lazy to double check or to double check my calculations from when I worried about running out. The pattern calls for 1200 yards? I used the same weight of yarn as called for, I knit on similar needle sizes, but my finished dimensions are larger. So whatever, I had enough yarn.

Here's a photo of me trying to get all arty. I am imagining being lost out on the moors in winter with nothing but the pile of shawls I grabbed as I ran away. Would Jane's have been lace?


My latest knitting is a sweater that I really want to wear in Japan. However, it's not quite finished yet. Using Forecast, from Knitty 2005, I did some modifications which I am liking. Details on my ravelry page. Body is finished, button band done, buttons sewed on, ends are woven in, but the sleeves aren't going to knit themselves, so I better keep this post short. We leave in about 36 hours.



Kathleen said...

Have a marvelous trip!

Kris said...

Have a fantastic trip. The shawl and the sweater look fantastic.

Maggie said...

Wow, have a great trip, can't wait to hear of your adventures. We had a japanese exchange student for two weeks in March. We had a great time. Her visit really made us all want to go back to visit Japan and see more parts of the country.


p.s Absolutely love the knitting:)

Anonymous said...

Yokatta desu ne! I wish you a wonderful trip!!! Makes me want to return to Japan, too.

jane <-going off to check the cherry blossom forecasts

Birdsong said...

Have a wonderful time! You will look stunning in your new lace...