Wednesday, October 17

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pictureless post from the east coast.

I am halfway through my week on the east coast which is bookended by my 30 year high school reunion and my niece's wedding. One of the last minute tasks for the trip was to make sure I had phone numbers for all the folks I needed to contact.

Kathleen: high school friend and organizer of the reunion
Kathy: college roommate and organizer of a lunch gathering with some other college friends
Cathy: the college friend who couldn't attend lunch, so I am meeting her for dinner separately.
Katharine: my sister, with whom I am staying the week

On the airplane I sat near another knitter. She was just returning from a sock knitting class in the San Juans and had the new sock knitting book written by the conference teacher. She let me look at the book , which was written by

Cat (Bordhi, of course) who had personalized and signed it for:


Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a good time-tomorrow we're already on our way back from Louisiana. Great times here; see you in the 'hood.

Anonymous said...

really wish we could be there. my best to the happy couple and the whole family. i just missed my 25yr reunion a few weeks ago. t

Dorothy said...

Wow, funny how the small connections pile up sometimes.

I hope you are having a great time on the east coast. I hear it is a beautiful drive and it's a goal for the Mr. and I to drive it starting in Labrador and ending in Florida then back. In a Winnebago over a couple of months.