Wednesday, May 2

What a little warming can do

My front yard contains a large unkempt rhododendron which nevertheless for a couple weeks a year looks stunningly purple. For the past couple months, ever since the raccoons left her an only child, Tasty has taken to roosting in this overgrown bush.

While in Seattle, many rhodies and azaleas, along with the dogwoods, lilacs and hordes of other species are already blooming, our rhodie is a late bloomer. She always starts to color up a few weeks later than most.

The tree is full of these tight little buds. At least a week before any will open.

But look, there's a bud opening. How'd that happen?

This bud is on the branch Tasty calls home. She parks her butt right next to this bud every night. The extra protection and warmth must have triggered the blossom.

Yes, I sleep in an ornamental tree. Wanna make something of it?

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kmkat said...

How did I not know you have a chicken? Is Tasty a pet? A friend who lives in the country had some chickens, one of which became a pet. It would march right up to the French doors and into the dining room and demand a treat.