Saturday, March 24

some knitting content

Vintage undyed Bawneen became this:

Inspired by Vicki's Fibonacci Sweater, I wanted a boxy, deep V neck cardigan.

Knit in the round using Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage Formula.
  • provisional cast-on 160 stitches. worked body upwards til decided to start V neck. Steek planned for end of round where colors change
  • Body worked on US9 addi circulars at 4 stitches/6 rows per inch
  • V neck created by decreasing on stitch at each side of steek every 6th row.
  • at underarms, put 12 stitches on holder and provisionally cast-on 40 stitches
  • worked the usual raglan decreases til done
  • reinforced steek using crochet method
  • cut steek
  • picked up the live stitches at the bottom, worked K1p1 ribbing back and forth on US7 addi circular needle
  • picked up button-band/collar on US7 addis, worked 6 ridges of garter stitch including three buttonholes.
Now I am working the sleeves on DPNs top-down. I was too impatient to finish the body and see if it was actually going to fit. As kmkat noted, changing direction using a provisional cast-on does shift the stitches a half-stitch. I swatched to make sure this wasn't a problem, and sure enough, given the stockinette stitch and the rustic nature of the wool, this is not noticeable.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Your sweater is fantastic!! ; ) I love mine and wear it all the time and really want to make another using a different palette (someday).

Kris said...

The sweater is beautiful. I love the colors.

Jessica said...

It's great. This is definitely my favorite kind of knitting.

kmkat said...

I love a, the yarn, and 2, the colors, and C, the sweater. (That is enough gushing to make your teeth hurt, right?) But I really do like it a lot. Good colors and pretty dye job -- heathery, slightly variegated, nice on the eyes. Glad the 1/2 stitch shift isn't a problem -- I'll have to remember that.

Okay, I'll stop now. :-)