Friday, December 15

I'm wrong

but not unhappy.

I predicted our power would be out til next Tuesday, Monday if we were lucky. But Friday afternoon and w00t! power! Only 15 hours of a chilly house and melting ice cream.

Seattle and environs got the windstorm as predicted last night. Power went out at midnight, I heard the smoke detectors beep as they changed from electric to battery mode, but otherwise it was no big deal. Morning was kinda chilly, but I have a gas cooktop and thus was able to boil water for drip coffee.

Franz is in CA on a business trip, so I slept downstairs away from the noise of the wind. Thus, I missed hearing this fall across the street. My neighbor's spruce used to be about 50 feet tall. Now it's about 20 feet. Anybody want a 30 foot christmas tree? The top did fall between the two houses, so probably little or no damage to L's house. Her bedroom is right at the corner of the house where it fell, so she didn't get any sleep last night. It severed next door neighbor Nancy's phone and internet connections though. Bummer, but it could have been worse.

yes, this tree is being supported by the power lines.

An FO. Reverse Bloom Washcloth from Weekend Knitting and Interweave Knits Winter 2003, wrapping a bar of Blessed Juno soap. I don't think I will knit this pattern again. It's not that special and requires 10 ends woven in. If I do make it again, I'll make it smaller, only 19 stitches per petal. And I will do the decreases differently, 5 regular double decreases from each petal join might look better than the ones in the pattern. But I'll most likely try the fancy washcloth in Mason Dixon Knits instead.


Kathleen said...

I've been thinking of you whenever I hear about the weather. Whoossh... you have hurricane-like weather, rain and snow and such. We are back to Spring with the fields blooming, greening and just being totally confused!

Stay safe! Did they rescue those power lines from the tree?

Dorothy said...

I'm so glad you are okay and the fallen tree didn't do too much damage to anyone's home.

I really hate seeing trees leaning on the power lines. Not as much as the guys who have to cut them off of it, but still, not a comforting sight.

Dorothy said...

Happy New Year! I wish you and yours a wonderful year in 2007.